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Crownalytics is an analytics and insights consulting company focused on helping natural, organic, values-oriented, and entrepreneurial brands achieve success.  We specialize in turning hard-to-use and hard-to-understand syndicated data platforms into meaningful and actionable insights – through the creation of powerful dashboards.  Crownalytics gives your brand the power to compete amongst the Goliaths of the industry by making insights effortless, affordable, and actionable.

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Best-In-Class Insights and Analytics

With over a decade of experience, our tools have been refined to answer 95% of your business questions within seconds - and we can customize them to your liking to answer the full 100%


We can create the reports and presentations to leverage your brand assets, your custom hierarchies, frameworks, databases, categories and any other custom work required, needed, or desired


Here at Crownalytics, our goal is to help you become more efficient with data

Democratize Data

Crownalytics strives to empower your team, helping an organization have one "source of truth" that everyone can leverage with a consistent approach of visualization and customization


Crownalytics strives to provide data refreshes, custom presentations, and ad-hoc needs quickly and efficiently - helping you get the information you need on-time and worry-free


You get a full team of experienced category managers at the ready to assist your team for a fraction of the price to hire internally; furthermore we work with small and big organizations - some with zero analysts on their team to brands with full departments of analysts - we are here to support you and your team become more efficient



Feedback fuels us, your thoughts and suggestions continuously make us better and thus provides greater value to you and your team 

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Your Go-To Team for All Your Analytics & Insights Needs

When you work with Crownalytics, you're getting a full staff dedicated to your brand.  We're here to support your every need in analytics, insights, data discovery, understanding, presentation, and story building

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President & Founder



Director of Insights



Director of Business Development

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Reporting Specialist

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Psst, we won't tell you how great we are - you'll have to solicit that from the industry and the +100 other brands we are working with


At Crownalytics, we ensure complete data integrity and full non-disclosure, thus you will never see a testimonial or a "Clients Listing" page on our website.  We ensure your data and brand is protected, always. 

With that said, we work with over 100 brands in the food, beverage, and other consumer product goods space - ranging between $200k in annual sales to over $1 billion.  Our business is entirely fueled by word of mouth - a testament to the work we provide.  We constantly strive to improve and provide greater value to your organization day in and day out.  You will constantly see improvements to our work as we learn more about the team and the reoccurring questions that may come forth.   

We are here for the long-haul, the longer we work with your brand, the better our reporting and anticipation of your needs. 

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Core Tenants of Our Pricing

  • Consistent Pricing: We don't change our pricing based on how big your brand is; rather, pricing is based on how many dashboards you need

  • Flexibility: Whether the brand has zero analysts or a full team, we're here to support you with flexible, option based pricing

  • On-Going: We prefer working with brands for extended periods of time as it ensures we can provide the best value and continual improvement within our deliverables

  • Affordable: Our mission at Crownalytics is to provide best-in-class insights and analytics at affordable rates

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