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Self Service Dashboards
empowering you to know your business better

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At CROWNALYTICS, we believe data and insights should be democratized; it should be easy to use, easy to understand, and easy to access.  It should be relevant, impactful, and useful 

Our Self Service Dashboards are powered by super simple automation and puts the power of Crownalytics into your hands

Just a few simple clicks ... and like magic, you get some of the best analytical tools in the industry leveraging your own data ... so simple your new intern or even your grandparents can do this

We all know that data is expensive, far too expensive 

CROWNALYTCS  is here to change all of that.  You pay too much for data, on top of that, you have to pay too much to make sense of it.  We are here to revolutionize the analytics industry by offering extreme power for extreme low costs

Starting now we are offering our super simple
literally all you need to do is download the data,
and push a button

Don't believe us, try it for free for one month
(cue the mic drop, the jaw drop, and learn how affordable it is)

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